Destination Marketing Products & Services


Tourism products in print are still a vitally important channel for attracting visitors. Even today, many tourists like having a printed guide in their hands, especially international or more mature travelers – and many do not have a detailed itinerary yet when they arrive at a gateway. Besides, internet listings are notoriously unreliable and outdated.

  • Visitor’s Guide: A fundamental pillar of destination marketing, your VMG Visitor’s Guide is your primary fulfillment piece, where you and your merchant community tell your stories in compelling text and visuals to entice the visitor to visit your community. VMG Visitor’s Guides are usually rack card-sized (4”x9”) for ease and convenience in stocking and displaying in Visitor Centers and also mailing for internet inquiries, but can also be digest or full-sized.
  • Map: Always attractive from a tourist’s point of view, maps can come in many sizes, either highly targeted to one area (historic downtown, for example) or regional (with multiple maps/insets).


Fulfillment is a crucial piece of the puzzle of getting visitors to your community – both to physical visitors heading into your area and also to internet inquirers who are considering visiting. VMG can handle every aspect of fulfillment, including these important aspects:

  • Sky Harbor Airport: By placing and restocking your VG at Sky Harbor, you reach the primary gateway for visitors of all kinds to Arizona.
  • Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) Official Visitor Centers: VMG can distribute your VG to all 60+ official Visitor Centers in Arizona throughout the contract term.
  • Internet: In addition to designing, implementing and maintaining your destination marketing website, VMG can mail your VG to internet inquirers, using its extensive expertise in mail and mailing databases.


VMG can design, implement and maintain a state-of-the-art destination marketing website for your community. VMG offers a full suite of website services ranging from maintenance or enhancement of an existing website or the design of a single static page to a multi-page complete with complex animation. Website should include a tourism mail fulfillment feature.


Most DMOs already have some combination of the most critical tools in place, although there are few real world situations in which VMG cannot help fine-tune the processes. VMG can conduct an audit of your entire marketing environment to discover and propose and implement fixes to any of the gaps in your campaign. We provide extensive, industry-based analyses to determine how your environment can be enhanced to be more effective.

Examples of Destination Marketing Products

Greater Prescott Area

Surprise, Arizona

Gilbert, Arizona

Globe-Miami, Arizona

Kingman & Grand Canyon West

Ramona Wine Country

Williams, Arizona

Southwest Valley