Visitor Media Group will provide the following services to client DMO at no cost:

  • Art, layout and design services to create the Visitor’s Guide (VG)
  • Lead process of sales of advertising
  • Printed copies of the VG
  • Billing and collection of advertising revenue

Client DMO will provide the following services for this project:

  • Editorial content interesting to the reader about the area of interest
  • Photography
  • Calendar items (list of events, dates, times, location)
  • Assistance with sales of advertising and access to all client DMO members/contacts, including contact name and email address
  • Distribution and racking of product, including arrangement of placement (assistance is available, see below in Optional Services)

Optional Services:

(Prices based on scope of work involved)

Visitor Guide Distribution

  • Visitor Centers; any or all of 60+ AOT Official Visitor Centers statewide
  • Sky Harbor Airport (subject to availability)


  • Varies according to needs/requirements
  • Internet Inquiry Fulfillment (mailing the VG, maintaining inquiry database)