Why choose VMG?

VMG-DMO-Gridvmg-icon-1Attract Visitors
Help you to attract visitors and connect them with your local merchants.

We’ll conceptualize your project, print it and get it into the right hands.

Visitors are already relying on our guides across Arizona and other states.

vmg-icon-4Low Cost
Offer no or low out-of-pocket costs and possibility of no-cost ancillary products or even revenue share to certain sponsors.

You know your community. We know visitor guides!



Our sleek and informative visitor guides range from low-cost to no cost. With ad-sponsored visitor guides, your DMO pays nothing and can even earn commission on ad sales or raise funds to cover the cost of other marketing initiatives such as web or social media.

VMG-Gear2As your tourism promotion partner, we’ll help you leverage your visitor materials and incorporate them into your website and existing marketing, online and social media strategies.

Studies show that visitor guides significantly influence travel plans and spending decisions, and these spending decisions positively impact economic development in your community. If you’re looking to capture and showcase what truly makes your destination unique, we can help!



Contact us today, and let us show you what we can do for you!